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We meet the people where they are…Period.

Helping those in need Surprise The Struggling is on a mission to change lives.

Who We Are

“An endeavor to help homeless persons all across the globe. With an emphasis on homeless women and teen girls.”

#SurpriseTheStruggling™ Inc. is a global non-profit hashtag movement with a growing number of Ambassadors across the nations. Women and men all over are filling new and lightly used purses with toiletries to help homeless women and teen girls care for themselves.

Our Mission

Surprise The Struggling’s mission is to provide each woman and teen girl with the bare necessities to help them not only to feel better about themselves but also to provide them with the ability to properly cleanse by gifting them with the essential toiletries that help facilitate that endeavor.

Our Services

Providing Assistance

Surprising and serving homeless women, teen girls, and the less fortunate with necessary items and tools to help facilitate the transitions of homelessness.

Transitional Preparedness

Offering mentoring and life coaching services to those transitioning from homelessness and needing guidance and assurance in their next steps.

Entrepreneurial Classes

In association with the Doctor Wilson Leadership Academy (DWLA) Clarity coaching, entrepreneurial classes, and workshops are offered to those seeking direction in starting a business.

Surprise The Struggling™ Inc. is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit tax-exempt organization that aids those in need within our communities and also, globally when the opportunity arises. Our primary consumers are homeless women and teen girls. Yet, our reach is far extending. In our daily endeavors to help the homeless and the less fortunate, we have come across countless children and families in need. We seek to make not only a positive impact but also alleviate some of the loss and sting that homelessness can have on innocent children who suffer because of circumstances out of their control.

If we may; we ask that you might find it in your heart and make a donation today, to aid us and assist those who stand in need. No donation is too small. Thanking you in advance for your generosity!